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    Shower Floor Mat Bath Anti-Skid Carpet

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    Shower Floor Mat Bath Anti-Skid Carpet

    The bathroom floor can slippery and dangerous in case you slip. Now, most bathrooms have smooth tile flooring. And aside from that, it frequently gets wet since you shower in this. That is why it can’t be helped to have a slippery bathroom floor considering that it is wet most of the time. Now, it can be uncomfortable and dangerous to walk on the slippery floor. So, use this shower floor mat to make it better for you. With this, you can walk around your bathroom confidently without worrying about the slippery floor. This is mat is the perfect addition to your bathroom. Get this now and improve your bathroom. This will also make your floor looking nicer rather than just the plain and regular tiles that you have. Now, you can step into your shower more comfortably if you have this shower floor mat.


    This mat is the perfect solution to your slippery bathroom floor. Consequently, this mat is anti-skid which will prevent you from slipping on the wet floor. More so, this mat is also fast-drying. There are holes on this mat as part of the design. Also, these holes help in making an anti-skid surface. Aside from that, this mat does not accumulate water and thus dries faster in the process since there are holes where the water drains to. This mat is also soft and comfortable for the feet to step on to. It is also easy to clean and is anti-bacterial. This way, your bathroom floor will be easier to clean.


    You can easily fit this on your bathroom floor. It is also flexible and you can also add and attach another mat to this to make it bigger. Aside from using it in the bathroom, you can also use this in other parts of the house as well.

    • Add this shower floor mat to your bathroom to make your bathroom less slippery
    • It has an anti-skid surface and is comfortable to step on, it is also quick to dry as well
    • This floor mat is easy to clean and does not accumulate water
    • Material: PVC 
    • Size: 30 x 30cm
    • Package Contents per Bundle:
      • Bundle 1:
        • 2 x Shower Floor Mat Bath Anti-Skid Carpet
      • Bunde 2:
        • 4 x Shower Floor Mat Bath Anti-Skid Carpet

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