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    Cycling Rear View Mirror Wristband

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    A MUST HAVE For All Cyclist - This is perfect for being safe in traffic!



    Get extra protection when cycling. Equip yourself with Bike Wrist Rear View Mirrors and let them serve as a pair of eyes on the back of your head so you won't need to turn your head every time to see what's behind you!

    BICYCLE WRIST SAFETY REARVIEW MIRROR - Buy 2 Free Shipping - kkwant



    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - If you feel tired of the conventional rearview mirror, this will be your best choice! The wristband is designed to be a rearview mirror. It can be used as a bicycle and a motorcycle mirror. It can be controlled freely, convenient, and has a wide field of vision.
    • 360° FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Mounting on the wrist with an elastic fastening belt allows the biker to fully adjust the visible angle. The silver glass mirror is made of a convex lens, which provides the bikers with a wide field of vision.
    • WILL NOT BURN THE WRIST - Ultra-light. Very comfortable to wear. The T-Shape rubber buckle prevents the wrist band from falling.
    • BREATHABLE FABRIC - The wristband is made of cloth with breathable holes. It has superior heatsink performance. Don't worry about sweating on long-distance driving.
    • STORAGE POCKET - A small pocket inside that can hold small bills, coins, and keys.

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    No more road-stress from turning around, commute easier, and dodge those jay-walkers & car-bullies away!

    Cycling Rear View Mirror Wristband