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    Custom 100% Compostable Biodegradable Mailers, Garment Bags and more.

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    We are Australia's #1 supplier of fully customised mailers and shopping bags that are certified 100% Home Compostable. 

    Custom Compostable Mailers, Shopping bags, Garment bags, product packaging and more, exactly how you want them!

    Don't like sending wasteful packages?
    Send packages the green, Eco-Friendly way with compostable packages.

    Get your own branded custom compostable mail satchels, garment bags, product packaging, and even shopping bags and garbage bags in the colour you want, in the size you want and say what you want on them!! 

    For any and all packaging needs where you pack your items in "soft" bags.

    Choose from any Pantone colour for the colour of the bag, choose the size you want (up to 1m - yup that's a big bag!) then (here comes the best part) unlike most of the other custom bag suppliers out there we can print up to eight different colours! That's right 8 different printing colours (MOQ 10,000 pieces)!!

    We have the best prices around and refuse to be beaten on price! So get a quote now and set your brand apart from the rest!

    Want to show your customers how serious you are about the environment and your commitment to reducing plastic waste in the environment? 

    Zero Waste Custom Eco-Mailers are Ok Home and Industrial Compost certified by the ABA, TUV and ASTM.

    Download the infographic on our customised compostable mailers here.

    Check out our showcase of customers that are sending packages the eco-friendly way here!

    You can choose the size and colour of the satchel that you want and print up to eight (yes eight) colours on both sides. You can have borderless printing or the standard is a 5mm border around the printing area to make sure there is no bleeding. You can even choose to have one or two adhesive strips on the flap as well!

    We also have padded compostable mailer satchels or compostable bubble wrap as well as Kraft corrugated padded mailers.

    Drop us a note below and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

    Choose any kind of base colour, with up to two colours on top for your logo and text.

    Our minimum order quantity is the lowest you can get for fully customised mailers and bags at only 5,000 pieces!! But, it is cheaper the more you purchase! Ask us for a quote. Prices from as low as 0.10c per satchel!! Either fill out the form below or email with your requirements and we are confident that we can get your business eco-friendlier!

    Why get your mailers customised with Zero Waste Co?

    • Fully customisable (e.g. no set sizes or colours) 
    • Lowest minimum order quantities (only 1,000 - if you want  lower just ask!)
    • Lowest prices per mailer
    • Free design help
    • Transparent pricing
    • Super-fast turnaround time 
    • High-quality packaging

    If you've got a price from a competitor, get in touch and we'll do what we can to get you the best deal available. We're all about helping the environment and are dedicated to helping our customers on their Zero Waste journey, that's why we are the Zero Waste Co!

    Not ready to go fully customised yet? That's ok, check out these awesome mailers!

    If you're not sure and you'd like to check them out first you can always order a free sample here!


    It is a 100% biodegradable, home-compostable shipping mailer and is made from PBAT (a copolymer that is completely biodegradable) and PLA (which is a fancy way of saying cornstarch).

    Make sure that you store them in a cool dry place at 20-25 degrees Celsius to maintain a maximum shelf-life of up to 2 years and to ensure the adhesive strips will adhere correctly.

    In a commercial compostable environment, it will break down within 90 days. 

    Achieving the home compostable certification means they completely break down to CO2, water and biomass within 24 weeks in a home composting environment - leaving no toxins or nasty substances behind.


    • Fully customised from as low as only 5,000 pieces.
    • Just about any colour packaging, you can think of.
    • 1,2, or even up to 8! Colour printing for logo and text.
    • Print on both the front and back of the packaging.
    • Premium matte finish to differentiate your compostable mailers from glossy plastic mailers.
    • You can apply your existing shipping labels or write directly onto the mailer.
    • Waterproof to keep shipments safe from rain.
    • The compostable mailers are tough, durable and amazing!


    TUV OK Home Compost - European certification for home compostable packaging
    TUV OK Compost Industrial - European certification for industrially compostable packaging
    Seedling compliant
    ABA Home Compost - Australasian certification for home compostable packaging
    ABA Industrial - Australasian certification for industrially compostable packaging

    To get a quote click here.

    Custom 100% Compostable Biodegradable Mailers, Garment Bags and more.