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    Bamboo toothbrush with infused soft bamboo charcoal bristles and bamboo containers. BPA Free

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    Looking to switch to an eco-friendly toothbrush?

    Look no further than our bamboo toothbrush! This toothbrush is made from a solid piece of bamboo, and its soft bristles are infused with bamboo charcoal for an extra deep clean. Plus, it comes with its own bamboo container – perfect for taking on the go.

    Each toothbrush is crafted to perfection and is available in either a rounded handle or a flat handle.

    The bristles are mostly made from nylon and need to be removed before composting and the bristles are infused with bamboo charcoal for extra softness.
    The antiseptic properties of the bamboo charcoal in the bristles help to keep germs at bay.
    Suitable for normal and sensitive teeth and gums.

    Each toothbrush handle is designed ergonomically with a naturally non-slip grip. The beautiful design gives a natural touch of wood and a comfortable hold while brushing your teeth.

    Best Bits

    • Suitable for sensitive teeth
    • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
    • Soft bristles for a gentle yet effective clean
    • Bristles infused with activated charcoal

    Unfortunately, there is currently no 100% compostable solution for toothbrush bristles, but there is a great deal of R&D around this at the moment so hopefully, we'll see one soon!

    As per dentists recommended, we only use soft bristle in our toothbrushes for extra gentle cleaning of teeth and gums