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    2 Pcs Avocado saver wrap keeps your Avo's fresher longer

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    Keep your leftover Avocado fresher for longer.

    Hate having your leftover half of an Avocado turning brown and soggy in the fridge? Well, suffer no more!

    With these great eco-friendly Avocado food huggers, your Avocados are going to stay fresher for longer!

    They come in two sizes for large or small Avocados and once you've used them, you're going to wonder where they have been all your life!!

    No need for wasteful plastic cling-film that doesn't work - these will keep your Avocados fresher and for longer!

    With their special design, you can leave the Avocado seed in and the cover will fit snuggly around your Avocado, or if you remove the seed you can push the little bulb in and it fits snuggly into the Avocado expelling the air that makes them go brown.

    Best Bits:

    • Made from soft eco-friendly Silicone
    • Fits snugly over half an avocado to help keep it fresh longer.
    • Two sizes are included to help make sure you are prepared for avocados large and small.
    • Just slip the small end of your leftover avocado into the Avocado
    • Size: 1 x large, 1 x small

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