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    Electric Infrared Heating Knee Massage Air Pressure& Vibration

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    Relieve pain and tension in your knees with our electric knee massager


    Manage knee pain better!

    Knee joint pain related to arthritis is a real problem faced by 1 in 3 adults leading to loss of mobility. We would like to be in good physical shape, free of knee pain, where we can always enjoy activities with our loved ones and but unfortunately this ongoing pain limits our ability to do that! Traditionally, people seek the services of physiotherapists, but we all know that can be time-consuming and quite expensive.
    Introducing the IAB™ Heated Knee Massager – a revolutionary massage therapy machine that uses smart technology including infrared heating, dynamic vibration, and air pressure to release knee pain. Fitted with an intelligent LED display, you can completely control the settings to suit your preference. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy your favorite activities with your loved ones, by simply using this Knee Massager for only 15 minutes a day!

    Here is how the IAB™ Heated Knee Massager will change your life...

    EASY TO USE: The IAB™ Heated Knee Massager has been designed to be simple and with your ergonomic needs in mind, so all you need to do is place it on your knees, set the mode to your choice, and use it for 15 minutes a day!

    SMART TECHNOLOGY: The IAB™ Heated Knee Massager works because is equipped with infrared technology, that enables targeted heating through electromagnetic radiation and resulting in effective outcomes for you.

    DISPLAY LIKE NO OTHER: The IAB™ Heated Knee Massager comes with a grand LED display, which provides proper visibility for those who need it, allowing total control of temperature, air pressure, and vibration.

     ✅ REAL MASSAGE THERAPY: The IAB™ Heated Knee Massager has been designed to ensure that you get a real massage experience, as it is fitted with 4D airbag wrap, which relaxes your knee's soft tissue, by squeezing the knee around the airbag.

    WIRELESS: The IAB™ Heated Knee Massager does not require any cables or wires to be plugged in and is compact enough for you to always carry with you, allowing complete flexibility even when traveling.

    MULTI-PURPOSE: The IAB™ Heated Knee Massager is true value for money as there is no need to buy any extra devices because it can be used for both knee pain and other joint main such as elbows and shoulders.

    Here it is in action!


    Knee pain - No worries! 

     We understand that your knee pain is gut-wrenching and keeps you away from activities you love, like long walks. You want to enjoy these activities but in the back of your mind, you always feel anxious and worried about the swelling, and stiffness caused by your knee pain. You have tried different solutions like physiotherapy, but it has not been the solution that you have been seeking as they are expensive and time-consuming.
    Thankfully, the IAB™ Heated Knee Massager eliminates this problem and puts the control in your hand (literally!), while allowing you to manage your knee pain and always enjoy the things you were missing out on. Simply place it on your knee for 15 minutes a day, adjust the settings to your preference, and enjoy a heated massage through its in-built smart infrared technology for some well-deserved pain relief! So, now that we have got you covered, you can relax and enjoy all the long walks you wish to take!

    For YOUR Peace of Mind…

    Here at ImproveABit (IAB™), we understand that ordering online can sometimes be overwhelming, so we want to make this as easy as possible for you.
    Some companies do not provide refunds, but with us, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind when you choose to shop with us.
    Electric Infrared Heating Knee Massage Air Pressure& Vibration