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    Aesthetic Multi-functional Toothbrush Holder

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    Reorganize your clutter-filled bathroom in a minimalistic, elegant, & sanitary way.

    The aswei™ Multi-Functional Toothbrush Holder is the most beautiful way to seamlessly complete your household bathroom, and is the best solution to the most commonly overlooked problem most families face –– a disarrayed bathroom countertop. We found that the best way to combat this would be to move everything off the counter and put all of your bathroom essential needs into one multi-functioning accessory.

     Mouth Wash Cups | Magnetically attached & inverted, allowing airflow to dry them naturally

     Toothpaste Dispenser | Dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste with no mess every time with a simple push

     Toothbrush Holder | Accommodates up to 8 toothbrushes, regular or electronic, & has an anti-dust cover, protecting it from outside bacteria, while drying the brushes with a venting hole at the same time

     Counter-Top Shelf | Perfect for storing bigger items such as care products, perfumes, and other personal items

     Storage Compartment | Easily place razors, combs, tweezers, and other items

     Drawer Compartments | Best for placing smaller things such as cosmetics or personal belongings, keeping them dry and out of sight

      The installation process doesn't require placing any holes or nails into your wall, causing zero damage to the desired location. It is strong enough to support up to 6kgs (~13lbs) of weight. Quick, easy, and simple. Can also be placed out of reach of children for families.


      Everything is designed with sanitariness in mind through every aspect and function of this bathroom accessory. This very unique & nordic-inspired toothbrush holder is a game changer and is a must-have for any family and household.

      Aesthetic Multi-functional Toothbrush Holder