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    SINGLE STRAP CHIN REDUCER | Reusable V Line Mask Facial Slimming Strap Face Lifter

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    💕 Lifting Bandage: Our lifting bandage is an effective and useful method to remove the double chin and saggy skin along the facial contour. It can be used for men and women.
    💎 Chin Slimming Strap: Our chin slimming strap is specially designed to tighten the skin, lift up the skin and reshape a slim and youthful face. It is suitable for all types of skin.
    💕  Comfortable and breathable: V line bandage chooses breathable fabrics. It is elastic and sturdy, fitting to different features of faces.
    💎 Sticky and Adjustable: Double chin reducer bandage can stick well on the top of your head and provide you with even force. The sticky part of the bandage is long enough for you to adjust the length.
    💕  Regular use to achieve best effect: We recommend using lifting bandage for four weeks and use it daily for one hour.



      • 【Soft and Comfortable】Our Double Chin Reducer made with breathable and skin-friendly meterials. Also available to sensitive skin and has no side effect.Material of face lifting strap safe for all skin types, has good elasticity, suitable for long time wearing.
      • 【Perfect Slimming Face】 Our Face Slimming Strap could effectively tighten the skin of face and neck, slimming face and improve the wrinkles of face to remove double chins and prevent sagging cheeks. Shape your perfect V-line chin and lift your facial lines.
      • 【Safe to Use】Our this Face Slimming Strap uses a safe and simple,Special outer ear design gives your ears a comfortable feeling. Evenly force on facial tissue, promote blood circulation and tighten neck, cheek, and chin. has no side effects, is safe to use.
      • 【Easy to Use】 You can wear this V Shaped Slimming Face Mask while sleeping, watching TV, doing housework and resting, keep your chin up, avoid double chin and improve facial contours. The face-lift belt can be reused, washed with warm water and then naturally dried.
      • 【Easy to Carry】Our Face Lifting Belt Convenient storage, small size, light weight, and does not take up space. It can be placed in any corner and carried with you when traveling to make your chin more slender and beautiful anytime, anywhere.

        How to Use Single strap Chin Reducer?

        1. Cleanse your face, keep your face clean and dry before wearing.
        2. Stretch the lifting bandage 1 to 3 times, and place the bandage to the chin.
        3. Place your ears in the slots of the bandage and fasten the velcro on the crown of the head.
        4. Wait 30-60 minutes and then remove the bandage.

        How To Use Double Strap Chin Reducer?

        1.  Cleanse your face, Keep your face clean and dry before wearing.
        2.  Stretch the SCOBUTY Face Lifting Belt 1 to 3 times, and place the bandage to the chin, Adjust to suitable face size.
        3. Place your ears in the slots of the bandage and fasten the Velcro on the crown of the head.
        4. Wait 30-60 minutes and then remove the bandage.

        Directions for Use:

        • To achieve the best effect, we recommend our Lifting Bandage for four weeks.
        • For enhanced effect, use the Lifting Bandage daily for one hour.
        • It is recommended to clean it once before using it.
        • Do not use a washing machine and only use a mild detergent (Hand washes only).

        Package Contents For Single Strap Chin Reducer:

        • 1 x Single Strap Chin Reducer

        Package Contents For Double Strap Chin Reducer:

        • 1 x Double Strap Chin Reducer

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