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    Faster result than ever! Gyms closed... Train safely from home!

    Ideal for weight loss, muscle building and  fitness!

    Our ResistanceBand™ Complete Workout At Home is extremely effective for both beginners and advanced. This versatile set easily ensures a fit body. Workouts for every muscle group, from legs, buttocks and arms to back, chest and shoulders.

    From now on you can train anywhere, anytime

    You are never tied to 1 place again. Exercise at home, at the gym or at work. The entire set fits easily in the included carrying case, so you can easily take the ResistanceBand™ Complete Workout At Home with you wherever you go.

    Determine your own weight

    Not every workout requires the same weight. That depends on the muscle group you are training. With our super set you can determine your weight yourself. The weight ranges from 4.5KG to 45KG! Suitable for every athlete. 

    Suitable for beginners and advanced

     Easily put together the weight that suits you! 

    What is included in the set?

    • Examples of exercises

    • 2 Soft foam rubber handles

    • 2 Ankle holder

    • 1 Instructions for use

    • 1 Door Anchors (To fix it easily)

    • 4.5 KG * Belt - Yellow

    • 6.8 KG * Tire - Red

    • 9.1 KG * Belt - Green

    • 11.3 KG * Strap - Blue

    • 3.6 KG * Strap - Black

    • Carrier bag

    Resistance Band Set (11 Piece Set) -Buy 2 Free Shipping

    How to use? 

    1. Choose a muscle group you want to train

    2. Adjust the weight

    3. Attach the ResistanceBand™ set

    4. Enjoy your training and achieve results quickly and easily!

    Resistance Band Set (11 Piece Set) -Buy 2 Free Shipping


    ✔️1 x ResistanceBand™ Complete Workout At Home