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    Powerforce Sandblaster Attachment

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    Instantly turn your pressure washer into a powerful sandblaster so that tough-as-nails grime don't stand a chance.

    • Saves you time and money.
    • Fast and easy setup in just 30 seconds.
    • Easily remove unsightly rust, graffiti, paint, baked-on grease on your items with less effort.
    • Cleans between bricks, driveways, whack out weeds, and more.
    • Restores equipment, cars, wood, and concrete.
    • Makes heavy-duty tasks pleasantly easy.
    • Fits all existing washers.


    • Maximum pressure: 180 bar/ 2600 psi
    • Maximum temperature: 60 C/ 140 F
    • Package Includes: 1 x Powerforce Sandblaster M22 Universal adapter

    Use our Powerforce Sandblaster attachment to get a deep clean that will leave your surfaces spotless!

    Do you have a job that necessitates the extra power? If you answered yes, you can do the task in about 5 minutes with our Powerforce sandblaster attachment. It converts any standard pressure washer into a powerful sandblaster capable of removing any filth, paint, or corrosion from any surface.

    Reduce the amount of time and effort you spend blasting the dirt off!

    Manually trying to clean dirt between bricks, rusty metal or wood surfaces, and brushing the rust off surfaces is tedious. It is even more frustrating since it takes up a lot of your time and energy, and cleaning may require more than one scrub. 

    The good news is that you won't need more than 30 minutes or a lot of energy to finish the job with our Powerforce Sandblaster attachment. Additionally, you save money that you would have spent on hiring someone to do the job for you.

    Main Features

    • The sandblaster nozzle is made of high-quality ceramic.
    • It has an 18 inches stainless steel lance.
    • A 3m transparent Siphon hose.
    • It has an M22 universal adapter that attaches to any pressure washer.

    Sparkling Clean Surface is only 30 seconds Away 




    Our Powerforce Sandblaster attachment clamps onto your washer with the M22 Universal adapter in 30 seconds or less, and you can begin cleaning right away.


    It won't cost you an arm and leg to sandblast. Far cheaper than an air compressor, you still get the same blast power at less cost. 


    Efficiently clean any material such as wood, concrete, or metal. Give your discolored rusty equipment, vehicle, driveways, walls, patios, rooftops, and sidewalks a fresh mint look.


    The primary goal of the Powerforce Sandblaster is to dislodge what does not belong; dirt. As a result, the surface is left clean and as good as new.


    The M22 Universal adapter on our Powerforce sandblaster ceramic nozzle is compatible with practically all pressure washers. This means you'll be able to use it for years even if you change your washer.


    Unlike traditional sandblasting methods, this tool keeps your work surface cool. This prevents metal warping. 

    How to use

    Step 1: To begin, connect your pressure washer to the Powerforce sandblaster attachment. 

    Step 2: In a pail of sand, you place the hose. The sand and water will combine at the wand's tip when you apply pressure.


    1. Can the Powerforce sandblaster fit my pressure washer?

    Yes, it can. The M22 universal adapter ensures that the nozzle fits any pressure washer in the market.

    1. Does the Powerforce sandblaster damage any surface?

    No, it does not. What it does is remove any dirt, old loose paint, and unwanted plants on surfaces.

    1. What do the PSI ratings stand for?

    PSI is pounds per square inch. This indicates how much pressure is produced by your pressure washer. For household use, PSI can range from 800 to 10,000.

    1.  Where can I use it to clean with the Powerforce sandblaster?

    Our Powerforce Sandblaster is multi-purpose such that you can use it to clean your driveway, car, walls, tires, and many more surfaces.

    1. What powers this sandblaster?

    Whatever powers your washer is what powers the World Class Bearforce Sandblaster attachment. This device simply connects to the nozzle part on the washer and turns it into a powerful Sandblaster.

    1. Does the powerful blasting pose any danger to me?

    Always point the wand away from you with control. This ensures that the blast is only directed to the intended spot and not to you.

    1. What should one do if water enters the sand supply hose?

    Turn off the pressure washer and disassemble your sandblaster kit. Allow the hose to dry in the air before continuing your work after it's dried.

    Powerforce Sandblaster Attachment