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    Free Compostable, biodegradable samples - mailers, labels and bubble wrap. Start shipping the green eco way today!

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    Not sure if compostable shipping products are right for your business?

    No problem, we've got you covered! We understand that changing your packaging can be a scary step in going green! You're not sure if they're going to be tough enough, what's the right size or even just how it looks and feels.

    But don't worry, we are so confident that you're going to love our products and that we have the right solution for you, we're happy to send you some of our free samples so that you can check them out for yourself!

    All we ask is that you pay for shipping and we'll send you whatever free samples you like from the following:

    Compostable mailers...

    These bags are made from plants and are certified Home Compostable to the Australasian standards set out by the ABA, so you can compost them at home.

    Custom Compostable mailers...

    Want to show your customers how serious you are about the environment and your commitment to reducing plastic waste in the environment? 

    Get some samples to show you how awesome your own branded mailers can look!

    Unfortunately, we've had to start charging for custom mailer samples. If you would like to receive a free sample of custom mailers you can fill out the following form here.

    Custom Compostable garment bags...

    Go that extra step further and protect your valuable products with custom garment bags.

    Made from the same awesome materials as our famous mailers and bubble wrap, you can put whatever designs you'd like on them and get your brand to stand out from the rest!

    Custom Compostable Zip Lock Bags

    Available in whatever size you need and in two styles of zip locks, the traditional press and seal and the sliding zip lock. Order a sample today

    Compostable bubble wrap...

    This stuff is amazing!
    Made from the same materials as our legendary Zero Pack compostable mailers, these rolls of bubble wrap are certified Home compostable by the ABA. 

    Unfortunately, we've had to start charging for compostable bubble wrap samples. This is due to an increase in the price of compostable materials.

    Compostable labels...

    I’ll stick around … but only as long as I’m needed! I’m a roll of Compost-friendly labels suitable for printing on a Direct Thermal label printer.

    Compostable ComWrap...

    With a tint of green to easily distinguish from normal plastic wrap these rolls of certified 100% Home Compost wrap are made from corn starch - just like our mailers!

    Compostable lay-flat tube product packaging...

    Wrap and keep your products protected with our 100% compostable packaging wrap.
    Available in rolls of 120mm and 200mm wide and a sturdy 30um thickness.
    No longer do you have to package your products in plastic to keep them safe.

    All our 100% compostable products are certified compostable by either or all of ABA, TUV and ASTM so you know that when you bury it, it's going to disappear and not leave behind any nasties!

    Don't be caught out by that nasty biodegradable stuff that has chemicals added to it so that it can degrade in the environment. It's basically just plastic with more nastiness added to it to make it "eco-friendly" when it really isn't.

    If it doesn't say that it's 100% compostable and is certified by the ABA and or the TUV (the global leader in compostable certification), then it's not truly eco-friendly!

    ***Please note: As they are free we will only send out a maximum of the following:

    • Zero Pack mailers - 3 in each size.
    • Compostable bubble wrap - a piece to give you an idea of the look and feel.
    • Lay-flat tubing - approximately 1 metre length.
    • ComWrap - approximately 1 metre length.
    • Labels - approximately 6 labels so you can test them.
    • Customised mailers - depending on what we have available approximately 6 sample mailers.
    • Garment bags - 2-3 samples
    • ZipLock bags - 1 in each style
    Free Compostable, biodegradable samples - mailers, labels and bubble wrap. Start shipping the green eco way today!