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    Size per roll: 0.6m x 1m / 2ft x 3.3ft (We will ship multiple quantities as 1 single longer roll for convenience, so you can cut it in any way you like.) 

    Breathe new life into your home.
    Our marble design wallpapers are popular among those that are looking to elevate their homes into something luxurious and elegant without breaking the bank. Made with premium quality and durable material that's great for long term or temporary use. Instantly transform your tables, walls, countertops, line dresser drawers or even craft projects within minutes.


    • Peel and stick on any smooth and flat surface with ease. No water, no mess, no sticky residue.
    • Size per roll: 0.6m x 1m / 2ft x 3.3ft
    • Easily clean with a damp cloth.
    • Cover any smooth wall, cabinet, table, countertop and the like.
    • Grids on the back for easy cutting.
    • Professional look within minutes at an affordable price. Keep your house clean and tidy.

    60 Second Installation

    Apply and transform your house with ease. Keep your home clean and tidy.


    Q:Will this leave a mark on my surface?

    A: Absolutely not! Our Home Gloss contact paper is engineered with anti-fouling material, expertly designed to eliminate surface marks.

    Q: What surfaces can I use this on?

    A: Our durable Home Gloss contact paper can be applied to ANY and ALL clean, flat surfaces.

    Q: Is applying the Home Gloss contact paper hard?

    A: Installing our contact paper could not be easier! Just follow these three simple steps:

    1. Simply trim precisely to the correct size by using the recommendations on the back.
    2. Remove the contact paper from the paper backing and stick to any clean, flat surface.
    3. With a straight edged tool, wipe the paper to clear any air bubbles once applied.

    Q: What are the dimensions of the Home Gloss paper?

    A: 0.6m x 1m / 2ft x 3.3ft per roll

    Q: How long does it last for?

    A: With the proper care, our paper is designed to last for upwards of 3 years!

    Q: Can I put hot cookware on it?

    A: All of our durable surfaces are heat resistant. This means they will allow for temperatures of 140°F or 60°C due to the PVC material. 

    Q: Is it waterproof?

    A: Yes, all of our surfaces are waterproof! 

    Q: Can I cut on it?

    A: All of our surfaces allow for cutting, but please avoid when possible for maximum usage.

    Q: How do I remove it?

    A: When removing the contact paper, all you need to do is peel it off and wipe down the surface when done!