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    Calming Pet Nest Cave Bed

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     Entrance your beloved pet with this breathable and calming Nest!

    Made especially with dogs, cats, and rabbits in mind, you can select the perfect texture between Long Plush or Smooth interiors. Both types of interiors provide softness and snug your pet so desires! Cats especially love this calming bed because they are reminded of their mom's soft belly, enticing them to "knead biscuits" whenever they cuddle up in these beds.


    • COMFORTABLE, WARM AND SAFE: The interior sleep surface is lined with super soft microfiber flannel . The other type interior sleep surface features a soft, warm plush that is really comfortable during warmer weather. Both fabrics are soft-to-touch and serve to suit your pet's desired form of comfort.
    • PET FRIENDLY DESIGN: The bed cover features an blanket and your little furry friends will feel surrounded by love and warmth, allowing them to experience truly restful sleep. Providing a cozy nestling space for pets to curl up and snuggle in warmth. 
    • GIVE THEM A SAFE CUDDLE SPACE: Your pet deserves their own space,where they can peacefully sleep and feel comfortable whenever they need to,  this natural feeling of comfort and safety can drastically reduce anxiety.
    • ALL PETS ALL SEASONS: The self-warming velvet of the cat sleeping bag that reflects pet's own body heat to generate warmth. The pets like cats, puppies, rabbits, small pigs, etc. may enjoy sleep on the top during summertime. In the winter.
    • EASY CARE: Every bed is machine washable, so you can ensure your fur baby always has a fresh place to relax.  Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry.  


    Calming Nest Size Guide:

    Diameter: Suited For:
    40cm / 15.5" Kittens
    50cm / 19.5" Smaller - Medium Cats
    60cm / 23.5" Medium - Large Cats / Small Dogs
    70cm / 27.5" All Cats / Multi Cats / Small Dogs

    - Calming Pet Nest Beds and Anti Anxiety Pet Beds come vacuumed rolled for cost effective shipping. Simply shake out the bed on arrival :)

    Calming Pet Nest Cave Bed