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    BODYWELLNESS™ - Upgrade High Quality Posture Corrector

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     Improves health, appearance & confidence - A good posture makes you look more attractive; it inspires confidence & power. Even appear half a stone lighter & add an inch or more to your height.

     Can help alleviate stress & depression - Physical therapists have concluded that your poor posture can put you in a lousy mood & make you feel more stressed. 

     Reduces back, shoulder & neck pain - Poor posture produces tension & muscle tightness that results in all sorts of pains. Prevent & relieve this pain with a good posture.

     Boosts mood & energy levels - Feel better, happier & generally improve your life by standing up straight & opening your body up - it makes a bigger difference than you may think.

     Improves breathing & focus - When you slouch frequently, your frontal muscles & tendons shorten; which reduces your capacity to take deep breaths.



     Small price for big results - What's when you're spending it to dramatically improve your health, appearance & your life? 

     Premium quality - Highest quality available, made of very soft composite fabric & high-quality nylon tape with breathable holes placed in the back & shoulder straps. Heat dissipation & permeability have been upgraded to improve the comfort of wearing.

     Quickest & most effective method to get a good, healthy posture - Works quickly & effectively, they are now being recommended by chiropractors & doctors.

     Easy to wear - Put it on like a backpack, then pull the straps over your shoulders to adjust. It's never been easier to get a perfect posture. 

    Size Chart:


    XS:   weight: 20-40KG    Chest: 50-70cm

    S:     weight: 40-60KG    Chest: 70-85cm

    M:    weight: 60-85KG    Chest: 80-95cm

    L:     weight: 85-90KG     chest 95-110cm

    XL:  weight: 90-110KG  chest 105-120cm


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    BodyWellness™ - Posture Corrector

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    BODYWELLNESS™ - Upgrade High Quality Posture Corrector