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    Smart Active USB Roller Wicked Ball Dog Toy

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    Wicked Ball Dog Toy is the perfect companion for your beloved pets when you are not around or at home. It is designed with 360 degrees automatic rolling and an RGB LED light to keep your fur babies entertained all the time.


    • Automatic: This magic ball lights, runs and bounces all by itself. You don't need to control it. It automatically changes its direction when encountered an obstacle. 
    • Healthy: Inspires your pets to run and explore, scratch and sniff and cheer them up both mentally and physically.
    • Safe and Durable: It is made of soft and eco-friendly silicone making it safe and durable. Pets can bite, scratch and gnaw the toy without damaging it.

    • Waterproof: It is waterproof so it is safe to play in the beach, pool, sand beach, grass lawn, etc. It is washable so you can always have it cleaned for your love pets.

    • USB Charging: It has a hidden USB charger which makes it convenient and long-lasting than batteries. The indicator light will turn on while charging and switch to green light when fully charged.

    Smart Active USB Roller Wicked Ball Dog Toy